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How to organize an online wedding

17 June 2020

Thinking about a wedding without guests a year ago, it would resemble a little secret ceremony of two lovers, for example, on an exotic island. But now, the celebration of a wedding without the physical presence of relatives and friends is becoming quite a familiar event.

After all, the coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to the plans of most people. Emma Stone, James Middleton, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry - all these celebrities postponed “their day” for an indefinite period. Nevertheless, is absolutely not necessary to take such measures. Indeed, the trend of the wedding season 2020 has become a virtual wedding online.


Obviously, such a ceremony is different from the usual event. But, at the same time, you can also share the most touching moments with all your loved ones. It is only important that they connect to the broadcast on time.


The first step for organizing an online wedding is to determine the venue, namely the streaming service. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Instagram, and even some online games offer their users the opportunity to celebrate this day with people you love.


It is better to send invitations, by e-mail, indicating the date, time and attaching a link to the event. By the way, during a recent interview with Jennifer Lopez on “The Ellen Show”, the actress said that she could now consider the wedding in Tik Tok.

Create a festive atmosphere with room decoration. Garlands, ribbons and fresh flowers are elements that will help create the appropriate mood.

Do not deny yourself a fabulous outfit. After all, an online wedding can give the same unforgettable feelings and emotions. Designer wedding dresses from the manufacturer LuceSposa will give brides a sense of  truly special moment anywhere. As for hairstyle and makeup, you can use the services of masters or make it by yourself tov look natural and nice.

How does an online wedding ceremony go

“I declare you husband and wife. You can kiss the bride.” Newlyweds and guests can also hear these and other magical words spoken during the online wedding ceremony. It is not difficult to invite the master of ceremonies to the Zoom conference.

The scenario of the celebration itself remains unchanged: the oaths of the newlyweds, the congratulatory speeches of the guests and even the first dance of the bride and groom.


No one said we can't get gifts and surprises. So, for example, singer Ellie Goulding performed during an online wedding of an American couple. And the actor of the popular series “Office” John Krasinski did the whole ceremony for one of his fans.



P.S .: The wedding season 2020 can be called the most extraordinary in history. But, at the same time, such weddings will be remembered for a long time.

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