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Sorrento Italy collection - chic, grace and exclusivity

12 August 2020

The world of wedding fashion is developing and pleases brides with new and new gorgeous models. Our new collection Sorrento Italy is filled with a scent of seduction and luxury of a female image.

We invite you to take a closer look at the collection and place an order of wedding dresses 2021 for your salons and boutiques.

Modern fashion trends 2021

Looking at the models, you can’t help but pay attention to the bright highlights that our designers have used in order to best emphasize the charm and femininity of your customers.


For example, modern fashionistas are very impressed by the deep neckline and seductively open back.


But if we talk about the design of the outfits,  the following trends 2021 are worth noting:

- romantic wedding dresses with flounces;

- delicate dresses with glitter and sequins;

- sophisticated cape models;

- fabulous outfits with voluminous sleeves;

- seductive dresses with bare shoulders.


In such outfits, you can conquer the world! Be sure that every bride will be able to choose an open or closed model and look perfect in it. High-quality fabrics will give the image grace and chic, and the decor is thought out to the smallest detail. So, take your pick!

The most interesting models:

1.With voluminous sleeves:


2. Off-shoulder dresses:



3. Closed outfits.


Each dress is created with a special approach. That is why the models from the Sorrento Italy collection can impress.


Sequins, voluminous flowers, appliqués, embroidery, pearls - all this adds tenderness and charm, and the most delicate lace and ethnic motives give a mystery to each image.


We invite you to buy wedding dresses for successful business development. On our website, you will find all the information you need to place an order and replenish your assortment. With our dresses, you can satisfy the needs of the most demanding ladies.


Fall in love with the Sorrento Italy collection and present exclusive outfits to your brides  together with our brand!

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