The perfect bride’s breakfast

05 September 2015

A day of the wedding is full of different festive events and urgent affairs, which must be done by every bride. However, every woman forgets about other simple things that are very important for every person too. One of them is breakfast.

Maybe many people would say, that it is normal situation, when in a process of warring a bride wouldn’t eat any peace of breakfast. However, even a light salad would give necessary skills, which will be needed for a wedding day. Good breakfast not only gives fresh and tender color of face for a whole day, but also it will help to avoid nervousness. Everybody knows that satisfied person is calm and confident.

What kind of breakfast is the most ideal for every bride?

If you will follow advices of dietitian, you would select the best kind of the breakfast in the day of the wedding. Every bride should think and choose a kind of breakfast in the day before the wedding. In this day, friends and relatives will be very busy too, so every bride has to take prepared breakfast meals previously.

Meals must be light and usual for the organism to overdo food and give energy. Don’t make experiments with exotic fruits and dishes. Don’t cook big portions and full your stomach with hard food. Take necessary numbers of calories to feel yourself good and not to be weak.

If you like spicy dishes please refuse from them for a one day. Bride has to have a fresh breathing. Think about the wedding kiss with a groom! You can eat a piece of meat and green salad. 

If you keep a diet, don’t change your usual breakfast for another one, which can be more high-calorie. You organism can react in a wrong way for it. 

Oatmeal porridge, yoghurt, bananas, kiwi, eggs and fruits are the best food for a breakfast.


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