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How to choose dresses to order for salons in 2019?
14 March 2019

It is quite difficult to always stay tuned for new fashion trends, especially if you are a busy wedding salon owner. Successful cooperation with a brand that constantly monitors all current changes, new designs of the season, and skillfully embodies them in stunning collections would help to solve this issue.

Wedding dresses of gaudet silhouette - always relevant and fashionable
09 July 2018

One of the most significant days in the life of any lady is the day of her marriage.

Voluminous wedding dresses: classic decision for wedding ceremony
30 June 2018

Little girls often imagine themselves as princesses at fairy-tale balls. Growing up, they continue to dream of a courageous prince, big fair love, a beautiful wedding. Once this dreams become reality!

Evening dresses with an uncovered back: a style that is always trendy
22 June 2018

Every year, at High Fashion Week catwalk shows, designers, despite using the most daring, defiant and challenging ways to create new outfits, do not neglect classic decision.

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