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26 April 2020 LuceSposa brand designs in Wedding magazine “Ukraine”

We are inspired by the fact that spring 2020 began with the publication of us in one of the most respected specialized magazines in Ukraine about the wedding industry - Wedding magazine “Ukraine”!

06 April 2020 Inspiration for Brides. Wedding Dress Collection 2020 Primrose already online!

The world of wedding fashion is constantly developing, experimenting and creating new trends! An excellent example of this is our new Primrose collection, which we are happy to introduce to all our partners, wholesalers and connoisseurs of the LuceSposa brand.

02 April 2020 LuceSposa success at Wedding Fashion Moscow 2020

We are not stopping to monitor the fashion design in the world of wedding fashion and keep up with the latest trends. At the same time LuceSposa does not lose the opportunity to present its brand and dresses vividly at all sorts of exhibitions, conferences, fashion shows, etc.

31 March 2020 Magical Paris Campaign wedding dressеs collection is now online!

Dear customers and partners, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new and exciting collection for true connoisseurs of Paris Campaign's exquisite wedding fashion.

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