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Main trends of wedding fashion 2018

Fashion, as we all know very well, never stands still – new trends and styles appear literally each new season.

So, as new trends appear, what seemed to be always relevant and modern yesterday, goes to the past today, giving way to a more vivid and extravagant one.

Such bold transformations and cardinal transformations are typical of the world of wedding dresses, as well. While our parents could not even imagine a beautiful bride other than in a snow-white long and puffy dress, modern women of fashion are amazed by the fact that such a traditional image is still being chosen by someone for the wedding celebration.

According to fashion world experts, this year the most vivid and unexpected solutions are most relevant for the wedding outfits. For example, a classic dress can be replaced with a wedding set – top and skirt. Such a bold and very original solution perfectly suits ladies who would like to show their guests their modernity, and also beneficially emphasize all the advantages of their figures. If at first such an idea may seem too cardinal and extravagant, then after trying on such an outfit, the girl will be convinced how much such a choice is original, and how advantageously such a wedding image looks.

World designers advise: do not get hung up on traditional white color. Even if you are not ready to appear among your guests in a fiery red or bright blue dress, do not immediately discard the idea of choosing some traditionally snow-white dress with bright inserts. This solution will not only express its originality, but also help to emphasize certain advantages of the figure, gently smoothing out any possible imperfections. A bride should just trust an experienced stylist, and the stylist will help the future bride to turn her complexes into a bragging right!

This season experts advise the bravest girls to try on black color. It gives the most dramatic contrast but is insanely attractive! Black silk dress will turn a girl into a seductive eye-catching beauty. And now imagine how effective a black wedding set will look like. A top and a skirt decorated with black lace and rhinestones simply can not leave any fashionista indifferent, if she is ready to embody all of her boldness and imagination in her wedding dress.