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Magic collection "Edem" is already available for wedding salons

Wedding fashion, like fashion in principle, is constantly changing, bringing girls new silhouettes and images.

For their part, designers of "LuceSposa" pleased beautiful brides again with a new collection of fashionable, stylish and original wedding dresses that are already available on the company's official website.

"Edem" – wedding dresses for true connoisseurs of fashion

"Edem" is a collection that includes outfits that meet the latest fashion trends. This time, designers used all variants of neckline, open shoulders, covered with a thin netting or lace, which favorably emphasize the natural beauty of a bride, and do not overshadow her, as in the case with crystals. These are luxurious puffy dresses made of the best modern fabrics, decorated with lace or intricate embroidery. And stylish godet silhouettes, which are sure to interest tall and slender customers. These are elegant "mermaid" and seductive "fishtail" dresses that will most advantageously demonstrate the ideal forms of its owner. Crop top dresses look very interesting, especially if it is a summer wedding. An intricately decorated top and a puffy beautiful skirt look beautiful, and are also more comfortable for summer heat than completely closed models.

When creating the collection "Edem", designers applied different techniques to ensure that you can buy wedding dresses wholesale 2018 for your salons for every taste and get the opportunity to satisfy tastes and wishes of each customer. Some models are adorned with a seductive cutout on the skirt, others – with no less attractive splitted corset, and the third ones have original decorated back.

Thus, interesting design solutions, modern fabrics, expensive accessories and creativity of adornment masters allowed to create this unmatched collection of wedding dresses for girls who deserve the best. "Edem" are dresses that can become a tasty dessert of your wedding salon.



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