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“Fragrant dreams” evening dresses is available on the site!

No matter how the evening fashion changes, whether it introduces new styles, cuts or designs, the truth remains the same: women always find an occasion to put on a luxurious evening dress.

Our team perfectly understands how it is important for beautiful women to look perfect, especially at solemn events. Therefore, we presented a collection of evening dresses “Fragrant dreams”, which is already available on the site. And we are glad to inform you that you can buy evening dresses wholesale 2018 for your salons and for further sales, using the services of the “LuceSposa” online store. 

Elegant fabrics, charming styles, refined and passionate cuts, attractive trimming and rich color palette – our collection of evening dresses will become the heart of any salon. Initially, we set a goal to create something unusual for lovely ladies, something feminine and slightly seductive, and we succeeded. "Fragrant dreams" is worthy of close attention of you and your clients! 

A wide variety of models

“Fragrant dreams” is a collection of models that are very relevant this year. To emphasize the natural beauty of girls, our designers experimented in a variety of ways: they used open and closed décolleté, lowered shoulders, open back, cutouts on the leg, translucent textures. It is easy to choose an outfit for every taste and taking into account your requirements from all this variety – moderately modest or frank, gentle or intriguing. Feel like a fairy princess in an A-line dress. Turn into a fatal seductive beauty, try on a tight dress made of sequined fabrics. Emphasize the femininity and nobility of your image with modest, but also charming dresses of straight cut with floral decor. Choose coquettish mini-dresses for cocktail parties and informal celebrations. 

The best apparels for a woman are flowers and glitter, and we took this fact into account. Evening dresses presented in our collection, will amaze you with their decor: you have not yet seen so much flowers and such a dazzling brightness. A well-chosen palette of colors, where light shades of blue and nude are combined with rich red, green and black colors, will only strengthen the style and fineness of dresses. 

By purchasing evening dresses wholesale from the “LuceSposa” manufacturer, you’ll make each girl able to meet her dreamy image in an outfit found at your salon!

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