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Evening dresses with an uncovered back: a style that is always trendy

Every year, at High Fashion Week catwalk shows, designers, despite using the most daring, defiant and challenging ways to create new outfits, do not neglect classic decision.

Therefore, models dressed in branded evening dresses with an open back are are not uncommon.

This outfit remains at the peak of popularity for more than a dozen years, even ahead of clothes with a deep neck. The secret of success is simple: it not only demonstrates the sophisticated taste of the owner of the attire, but also emphasizes her femininity, luxuriousness and elegance.

The magic of a backless dress

Evening dresses with an uncovered back perfectly fit ladies with a trim figure, good posture and beautiful shoulders. Slightly opened areas of a beautiful female body fascinate guests: the image of a girl becomes not just refined and romantic, but due to an open back – more unprotected, which surely attract men's glances. In this dress one will have equal success both at social event, a corporate party, a dinner party in a restaurant, a romantic date ... Evening dress with an uncovered back is more than an all-purpose outfit.

Designers of Lucesposa are always in trend and are into fashionable novelties. Therefore, a range of branded evening dresses with an open back are presented in various options in the catalog of our site: with a train, draped, with or without straps, of floor length, short, with and without lace ... Despite the frank back of the dress, front decoration can be as modest as possible: a special cut can hide not only the chest, but even the neck. Products from our tailors will satisfy the aesthetic needs of any fashionista.

Buying from us is profitable!

The cut-out of evening dresses with an open back can differ drastically depending on the model: for brave girls there are outfits in our catalog showing the back down to the tailbone; modest beauties will be able to choose a style with a more suitable degree of frankness. We will help you to choose perfect outfit for each lady – this is the mission of the manufacturer of wedding and evening dresses Lucesposa.

We sell our products both in retail and wholesale: it is easy to buy both a single dress and a large lot of branded clothes. The second option can interest owners of fashion boutiques and salons, as we are ready to offer one of the best conditions for cooperation in Ukraine and countries abroad. Liberal price policy, thought-out, operational logistics, personal discounts, seasonal promotions and sales – we always try to improve our service.