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Wedding dresses of gaudet silhouette - always relevant and fashionable

One of the most significant days in the life of any lady is the day of her marriage.

Therefore in such moment everything should be at the highest level - from the image of the bride to the general atmosphere of the celebration. If the bride is looking for the luxurious wedding dress, then the "mermaid" silhouette will be exactly what you need! The most attractive of all the silhouettes, also called  "gaudet " is definitely guaranteed to enchant the groom.

This style perfectly fits the bust, waist, hips, and then the skirt sharply expands like the "mermaid" tail.

Laconic and elegant gowns

Wedding dresses "gaudet" are very popular among fancy ladies. This style shows the woman’s shape in most elegant way, therefore the brides often chose this option. If the lady has a prominent bust or broad shoulders, then the mermaid dress skirt will be able to balance the upper part of the body showing a gorgeous hourglass figure. Although a lot of present-day brides choose a simple, strapless neckline, the "mermaid" dress looks magnificently with any neckline or length of sleeves. If the young lady does not want to open her hands, then you can choose a dress with long sleeves made of lace. This tight-fitting silhouette of the gown supposes that the bride can look sexy without uncovered clothes!

Elegant wedding dresses "gaudet " emphasize all the curves of the body. If the girl has beautiful slender hips, narrow waist, then the outfit in the gaudet style can be one of the most suitable choices. Boldly wear the mermaid silhouette, which perfectly fits the figure and you will look amazing!

Popular producer offers

Fashion Lucesposa brand offers single-layered  and multi-layered wedding dresses "gaudet" which are made from silk, satin, guipure, taffeta, organza, chiffon. These fabrics are well suited for draping, so the outfit looks luxurious, graceful and seems weightless. We use lace, embroidery, beads, pearls, crystals for decoration of our chef-d'oeuvres. Shiny belts, diagonal lines of voluminous colors attract attention to the slender waist and looks very originally. Such a model with a train, which can be easily unfastened, looks glamorous and luxurious. 

Wedding dresses on wholesale and retail can be bought in our online store. A variety of elegant, luxurious, richly decorated models of different styles, colors and shades will please even the most demanding young lady. The dreamy or gentle lady,  modest or audacious, either bright or mischievous and mannered lady will be able to choose the magnificent "mermaid" dress for herself that will emphasize not only the seductive figure of its owner, but her worldview, character, mood, and taste.


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