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We released 3 new outstanding collections of evening dresses. Here they are!

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This year's fashion season has been special for us and our partners, as we decided to release three stunning collections of evening dresses for stylish ladies from all over the world, each with its own highlight and charm.

The Blush Melody collection will be best suited for exquisite and fun loving girls. Aurora is for seductive and extravagant, and Diva for charming and feminine.

We invite you to get acquainted with the new collections and to update the assortment of your shops and boutiques in a contrasting way. LuceSposa designers tried to present models of all kinds to satisfy the requests of beauties with different styles and temperaments. We are confident that your customers will appreciate the new dresses and simply will not be able to leave you without buying. So choose a collection that is best for you and order some flawless dresses. 

Highlight of the Blush Melody collection

This collection is distinguished by refinement and a bit of lovely coquetry. Gorgeous skirts deserve special attention, in them one cannot resist twirling. Refined and admirable - they add elegance and sparkle. For example, you will be interested in the following models:

- atlas, floor-length A-line in bright colors

 - short lush dresses;

 - long with high slits;

 - gentle, knee-length;

 - shiny, in mermaid style.

The highlight of the Blush Melody collection is a new sleeve decor. We are sure that all women will be able to notice these highlight and skillfully use them. But at the same time, dresses from the collection will help them to emphasize their individuality and charm.

Aurora – temptation for fashion customers

This collection amazes you with a variety of different designs. The main highlights are shiny or pearl finished fabrics, which play with light creating unusually intriguing styles.

If you know your customers well, it will be easy to choose the design that will suit them. No beauty can stand such stunning dresses from Aurora collection. With them it's easy to create stunning style, and shine at any celebration or event.

Diva – femininity in each dress

The evening dresses included in this collection can be rightfully considered the most charming and feminine. Our designers tried to create masterpiece in which it is easy to conquer all around.

The sparkling bottom and flower inserts on top is an undeniable trend embodied in these dresses. Wearing them, each girl will feel irresistible. If your customers have such preferences, you should pay special attention to the offers from the Diva collection.

Collaboration with LuceSposa bound to be successful!

If you understand the importance of a well-formed assortment and specialise in the evening fashion, then you are invited to join us! Three collections, that’s a fairy-tale of women's fantasies, which will satisfy the most demanding customers. LuceSposa dresses are popular all around the world, being broadly presented in the shops and boutiques of our partners. Armenia, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece and many other countries are already realizing the dreams of their women. We invite you to join them and make an order from the new amazing collections. Bright or pastel colors, long and short, remarkable textured fabrics, skillfully embodied design ideas!

You will also be pleased with the attentive customer service and price policy. Choose your designs, colors and sizes, determine quantity of dresses. If you have any questions, your personal manager will provide you with all the information you need. We are waiting for your call and orders to develop business together and give joy to your gorgeous customers.

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