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LuceSposa success at Wedding Fashion Moscow 2020

We are not stopping to monitor the fashion design in the world of wedding fashion and keep up with the latest trends. At the same time LuceSposa does not lose the opportunity to present its brand and dresses vividly at all sorts of exhibitions, conferences, fashion shows, etc.

Thus, on March 12-14, 2020 we were pleased to visit and become part of one of the most prestigious international wedding exhibitions in Moscow - Wedding Fashion Moscow, where we presented our new collection Primrose, which emphasizes the style of minimalism. Graceful and elegant - this collection will leave no one indifferent, constantly attracting to the stand of our brand under number 7B3 new and new people - customers, experts, partners, colleagues.

The following  summary will provide more information about the exhibition and our new collection to assist you in buying wedding dresses for your salons. Choose the best dresses to enrich the assortment and successfully develop your business.

 Wedding Fashion Moscow exhibition

This exhibition has almost 20-year history, and each year surprises its guests with new interesting designs and locations. Its main goal is to become a unique venue, a unique guide in the world of wedding industry, through which both prestigious and developing brands could get new and beneficial acquaintances, acquire business contacts, find partners and customers. And as we can see, this exhibition does it really well!

By renting one of the largest pavilions in VDNKh, Wedding Fashion Moscow exhibition annually allows many companies not only to establish the necessary partnerships, but also to beneficially display their products: trended wedding and evening gowns, designer accessories, luxury texture fabrics and much more. The prestige of the event and its opportunities attract the largest representatives of the industry. Wedding shops and boutique, agents and distributors, designer ateliers, etc. are the main target audience of Wedding Fashion Moscow.

At the event you can see representatives of the fashion industry from all over the world, not only from the post-Soviet countries. For example, colleagues from Germany, India, the UAE, Palestine, Israel, Malta, Estonia, Macedonia, the US, Cyprus and others have drawn our attention. If you are going for new ideas and insights, you will find them in this exhibition!

Primrose collection - surprise must be big!

To present a brand wisely and vividly at an exhibition of such level - it is not an easy task to achieve. The specialists of LuceSposa prepared for it with special enthusiasm. Remarkable location decorated with gentle white and pink branches, compact podium where two stunning models constantly rotate dresses, background music created the necessary atmosphere and attracted the attention of many interested visitors.

We were pleased to hear the compliments of our Primrose collection dresses from both young colleagues and already known brands and specialists.



What visitors pay attention to?

1.  Fashion design.

2. Texture and embellishments.

3. Original ideas in designs.

4.  Style and presentation.

Thus, the new collection focuses on minimalism, which is characterized by classic styles enhanced by simplicity, the absence of bright and obnoxious details, flashy elements, etc. Additionally, dresses in this style should have an ideal fit and subtly emphasize the beauty of the brides figure. We have tried to incorporate all this into the Primrose collection, skilfully combining classic and modern fashion trends with the experience of our designers.

As a result, we have received amazing dresses, which are distinguished by their grace, sophistication, softness and femininity.

They subtly emphasize the charm of the bride and help her to feel irresistible on her special day.

The original design and decorations, excellent texture combination, different styles all help to satisfy the desires of even the most temperamental clients.

Magnificent with exclusive sleeves, stylish with ethno-motifs, graceful made of atlas, seductive in the mermaid style - each bride will be able to choose the option for herself.

We invite you to collaborate!

Participating in the Wedding Fashion Moscow 2020, we were able to get even more than expected. Our representatives have made sure that they are working in the right direction and producing trend designs that can attract the attention of the most authoritative experts and wholesalers. We thank all who have expressed interest in our products and are very grateful for the communication and new business contacts.

To familiarise yourself with our Primrose collection in more detail, we invite you to go to the catalogue and make your choice. We are confident that the displayed designs will win the hearts of visitors and increase the number of clients. Elegant models in the minimalist style will diversify the assortment of your shops and boutiques and positively influence your business. We take care of our customers, that's why we offer them original outfits at optimum prices and professional support at every step of the purchase.

Get acquainted with the LuceSposa assortment and successfully develop your business in partnership with us!

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