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Inspiration for Brides. Wedding Dress Collection 2020 Primrose already online!

Buy Wedding Dress 2020 Wholesale by LuceSposa

The world of wedding fashion is constantly developing, experimenting and creating new trends! An excellent example of this is our new Primrose collection, which we are happy to introduce to all our partners, wholesalers and connoisseurs of the LuceSposa brand.

Light and delicate - it creates ideal silhouettes and highlights the figure of a bride. We invite you to familiarize yourself with it and choose the best dresses for your shops or boutiques.

Features of the Primrose collection

Working on the Primrose collection, our designers set themselves several tasks.

1. Present all relevant trends for 2020.

2. Skilfully combine the designer’s ideas and modern visions of the classics.

3. Create designs that maximize the femininity and delicacy of each bride.

Minimalism is one of the pillars of wedding fashion. This helped our designers to bring their ideas to life. Absence of flashy details, perfect fit, simple style end beautiful lightweight fabrics all characterise the Primrose collection. Wedding gowns from the new collection are distinguished by their particular elegance and grace.

Other fashionable styles are also presented in this collection, so that each bride can choose her own design and look gorgeous.

It is not easy to combine the classics with modern trends of minimalism. But looking at the Primrose collection, we can safely say that our designers have succeeded. Thanks to their remarkable work in this collection you can find wedding gowns for any taste.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with the following designs to assist you in making your wholesale order based on your customer preference. 

 1. A-silhouette Dresses made of soaring fabrics with a transparent base for corsets and refined with flower patterns. These dresses are made for tender and sensitive brides who always have a spring in their heart. Without bright accents and excessive embellishment - they represent yong spirit, lightness and feminine beauty.

2. Dresses with contrasting corsets and lush skirts. These options are suitable for girls who combine softness with creative expression. They are the perfect combination of subtlety and strength of character. In these dresses you want to swirl, smile and bring joy.

3. Lash bustier wedding dresses with original sleeves. These designs are complete representations of elegance; each bride will look like a blooming lily, attracting everyone’s attention.

4. Exquisite and seductive in the mermaid style with split corsets and deep V-cut. These proposals are exclusively for the brave and temperamental girls who confidently walk through life and know what they want. They perfectly emphasize the curves of the figure and the charm of the owners.

5. Semi-sheer dresses with flirtatious cuffs-sleeves. These dresses combine playfulness and modesty, feminine charm and charisma. They are perfect for weddings during the cooler period without losing the summer mood and atmosphere.

Wedding gowns 2020 - highlights of the collection

In terms of the basic features of minimalism, these are classical outfits with little or complete absence of embellishment, end perfectly fits the figure. That’s why we couldn’t exclude them as well! For example, the collection features fabulous satin dresses, designed for real queens and classical admirers. Graceful and stylish - they give an image of unprecedented charm and grandeur.

If your clients include businesswomen and girls with strong personalities, you simply cannot ignore these majestic designs. They will certainly be a worthy addition to the assortment and will attract the right customers.

In addition, it is worth looking at the dresses, which clearly express ethno-motifs. Exclusive patterns and floral embellishment give a touch of romance, and the combination of fabrics - a special elegance and chic.


TM LuceSposa invites you to collaborate!

We invite you to familiarise yourself with the catalogue and purchase remarcable dresses from the Primrose collection for your business. They are elegant, stylish, exquisite and they will leave no one indifferent. Even the most demanding bride will find a dress that will amaze everyone, but most importantly herself, for the special day of her life.

We value our customers and care about their success, which is why we offer exclusive products at optimum prices and great opportunities for cooperation. Make a wholesale order for wedding fashion shops or boutiques so that bride can enjoy the luxurious 2020 gowns and purchase the dress of her dreams!

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