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Lightness and elegance in the Symphony of Flowers collection

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Luce Sposa is pleased to present a new collection of stunning and light wedding dresses Symphony of Flowers on our website. The release exceeded all expectations and can rightfully be called the most floral and lightest, because our designers were inspired by such delicate flowers as lilies, lavender and lilies of the valley.

We invite you to get acquainted with the new collection and buy wholesale wedding dresses for your salons and boutiques in order to please the brides with fresh novelties and win their attention with exclusive dresses.

Wedding dresses 2021: what does the new collection bring?

Symphony of Flowers is an elegant combination of gorgeous floating fabrics with an unrivaled satin that best conveys the lightness of Art Nouveau. So, in the collection, unlike the previous ones, translucent tulle, chiffon, various types of satin and brilliant materials of fabulous beauty are widely used.

Lavender, lilies of the valley and lilies played on the dresses with special tenderness, emphasizing the femininity and charm of the brides. But the highlight of the new collection is not only the floral motifs. The special attention was paid to the sleeves and neckline as well. Thanks to this, the dresses turned out to be even more soaring and original, and the stylish and modern square neckline only added zest to it.

Regarding the choice of styles, the designers settled on the most feminine options:

1. Fantastic princess silhouettes.

2. Luxurious A-models.

3. Tempting mermaid dresses.

The idea of the collection is that, despite the variety of style, each dress looks weightless and light - it seems that the brides are soaring above the ground in them. Light, flowing skirts and voluminous sleeves flutter beautifully when you move, creating delicate, feminine looks.

Let the bride fly!

We offer you to purchase designer wedding dresses Luce Sposa from the new Symphony of Flowers collection for your stores, salons and boutiques. They will certainly decorate the assortment and attract the attention of customers. Future brides, with no doubt, will pay attention to them and will soar in light romantic dresses on their special day, catching the admiring glances of those around them, because it is simply impossible not to fall in love with the play of fabrics and floral motives of the models.


Get acquainted with the new weightless collection, choose the models you like and order amazing outfits for your salons!



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