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The choice of brides in 2021

the most popular wedding dresses

Are you a bride who is looking for your wedding look? Are you interested in wedding trends that are the most relevant and in demand among brides in 2021? Luce Sposa offers you an article reviewing the most popular trends in wedding fashion of the current year. We will help you to make the right choice and navigate through the current fashion trends.

So, which outfits won the hearts of brides and became the best sellers in 2021?

What to look for when choosing an outfit

So, here are the most popular trends.

1. Voluminous sleeves.

This detail makes the outfits lighter and more fabulous. Openwork sleeves on the cuffs or voluminous balloon-sleeves in the elbow area are the favorite ones among brides. These dresses are perfect for autumn ceremonies.

2. Removable parts (sleeves, capes, skirts).

Models with such a design idea are made for brides who love transformation, for example, when in one movement you can brightly transform from a romantic princess into a passionate queen. A-line outfits, as well as fitted dresses, complemented by detachable sleeves, made a splash and made the dreams of a wedding image of many girls come true. And the flowing removable skirts, giving the image even more lightness and airiness, attracted romantic and gentle natures.

3. Classic dresses.

A classic style is unchanging and royally beautiful. Outfits in this style are luxuriously suitable for girls who like long trains and sophisticated decor. Classic outfits with long sleeves were complemented by a designer zest, accentuated neckline or belt at the waist. Both puffy and fitted models were popular.

4. Puffy skirts.

Models with these skirts look fantastic. You just want to spin in them and take romantic photos. Wedding dresses with a rose-shaped ruffle skirt have become especially popular among brides.

Luce Sposa – perfection in every detail

No matter which dress of the Luce Sposa brand you choose – be sure that it is perfect in every detail. The most modern tailoring technologies and the work of masters allow us to create masterpieces that are worthy of the most demanding brides.

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