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5 basic wedding dress silhouettes

5 basic wedding dress silhouettes

Choosing a wedding dress is a pleasant and exciting process at the same time. So that you don’t get lost among the variety of wedding looks, we have prepared a small guide to the main silhouettes of wedding dresses..


The A-line dress is the classic and most versatile wedding look, suitable for all body types. It has a trapezoidal cut, a slightly high waistline and a skirt that gradually widens towards the bottom. It favorably highlights the breast, emphasizes the waist and hides stature flaws.

Mermaid dress

The top of the dress fits tightly to the body, and the skirt, outlining the hips, expands from their middle or knee line. In most models, the skirt goes into a long train, which makes the look even more spectacular. It is an excellent choice for slim and tall girls. You will look fragile, feminine and very sophisticated in such a dress.

Sheath dress

Basically, these are dresses for elegance, laconism and simplicity. They slightly emphasize the stature, highlight the waist and visually lengthen the silhouette. It is ideal for the bride looking for a minimalist wedding look.


Boho looks have recognizable features. The dresses have a loose cut, are decorated with a large number of handmade decorative elements and are made of lace. Rich embroidery, shimmery details, accent sleeves and interesting cuts distinguish the boho outfit.

Empire style

It is one of the most romantic and fragile styles. These dresses have a slightly high waistline and a weightless skirt. The cut perfectly adjusts the stature, emphasizes the breasts, visually makes the bride taller and narrows the hips.

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