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Wedding dresses 2022: 6 up to date trends

TOP Wedding dress trends 2022

Chamber parties or luxurious wedding ceremonies, a small amount of entertainment, and unexpected designers’ decisions — last year was full of surprises and opposed trends. In post-pandemic wedding fashion, we have identified 6 main trends.

Emphasis on necklines

V-shaped necklines, boat necks, and square necklines are the most popular this season. The V-shaped neckline prettily emphasizes the fragility of the collarbones and neck. Dresses with a boat neck are considered to be classics of wedding outfits. But you can draw your attention to gowns with this kind of neckline and draping at decollete — this combination will visually enlarge breasts. The square neckline is the most spectacular one. It beautifully highlights the bust and elongates the neck. Whichever neckline you will choose, it looks elegant and exquisite at the same time.

Sleeves of different shapes and lengths

Lush or made of lace, asymmetrical or decorated with shiny brads, long or short — the more impressive the sleeves look, the more interesting the wedding image is. Exactly sleeves make the outfit complete and sophisticated.

High cuts

A spectacular high cut can emphasize long legs and add playfulness even to the most understated dress. It is definitely a detail that won’t go amiss and make the wedding outfit more seductive.


Laconic dresses without unnecessary details that beautifully outline the figure and do not distract from the bride herself — it's about style, confidence, and natural beauty. Today brides are looking for gowns that will allow them to feel relaxed and lighthearted throughout the day. Minimalist gowns with clear lines and structured cut, without corsets and lush skirts — in the past and present, and well into the future, they are always up-to-the-minute.


A dress that is decorated with three-dimensional flowers, lace with floral motifs, or printing has become a romantic tendency of this year. Such a gown can be a perfect choice for brides that are looking for a feminine and fragile wedding look.


Floral lace patterns, thin lines, or abstract designs — in the past and present, and well into the future lace is on the front burner from season to season. Dress with lace inserts is always about femininity and delicacy..

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