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The Most Popular Wedding Styles Guide

Wedding Styles Guide

When you are planning a wedding, the first thing that you should start with is the style of the event. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a small guide with the characteristics of the most popular styles.

A Classic Wedding

A wedding in a classic style is always in fashion. Luxurious place of the ceremony, the abundance of flowers, and stylish decorations — the aesthetic of the celebration is incredible. Key features: conciseness, soft colors, and sophisticated details — from invitations to the outfits of the newlyweds. When it comes to the dress, this style is characterized by A-line gowns that are made of smooth fabrics and decorated with beads or minimalist models with unusual silhouettes.

A Vintage Wedding

Things with history are the basic elements of a wedding in a vintage style. Retro cars, ten-year-old furniture, grandmother's utensils, jewelry from an antique coffret, old photos, Betty lamps, and a big amount of lace — all these issues add symbolism and coziness. The invitations and printwork are mostly made on slightly faded paper, and the fonts resemble the style of a typewriter. The bride’s outfit is mostly a lace fitted dress or romantic gown with drapery and ruffles.


This style is about a variety of natural colors, a mix of textures, and natural materials. A perfect place for the wedding is a garden, a forest, a large grade or cozy adjoining land area. Colorful plaids, carpets and pillows, embroidery, macrame, floral wreath, colored glass, feathers, vintage vases, dreamcatchers, and golden decorations are in the center of attention. The bride's dress also chimes with a general subject — airy fabric, lace, and relaxed fit. It is a gown without excessive details or shaped pieces.

A Modern Wedding

Strict shapes, monochrome, minimalism, integral style, and strict dress code — it is all about a wedding in a modern style. Elegant simplicity, no vivid accents, and carefully selected decorations — those elements are for people that want to move away from traditions and don't want to throw a pompous party. The bride’s outfit is also understated — it can be a fitted dress that is made of glossy fabric with a dense texture or a fabulous gown with a train. No embroidery, lace, or beads.

A Rustic Wedding

Rustiс is one more ode to nature, and especially to the countryside. The style is characterized by the highest possible usage of natural wood and handwork. It is all about the floral arrangement of wildflowers, wicker baskets, comfortable wooden benches, swings and chairs, blankets, pillows, wooden cards on tables, penscripted menus, and invitations. When it comes to the dress — mostly it is an A-line gown that is made of airy fabric and decorated with lace inserts or embroidery.

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