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A honeymoon on the islands: TOP 5 destinations

Honeymoon on the islands

A perfect plan for a young family — to run away in the middle of nowhere to learn a new culture and enjoy each other. We have selected five corners of paradise where you can spend your honeymoon.


Bali is called an island of God because of a mysterious mix of culture and the incredible beauty of nature. It is famous for its pristine beaches, winding foggy mountains, spacious rice fields, and many ancient temples. Crystal clear waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, spice orange sunsets, quiet private villas, extravagant cuisine, and exotics every step of the what — as good an attractive idea for a honeymoon as any.


The 115 islands that border on the Indian Ocean delight with bright sunlight, warm and crystal clear ocean, and white sandy beaches that are surrounded by rainforests and exotic plants. The islands will be a perfect place for couples that plan to spend their honeymoon actively, as well as for those who want to cloister themselves and soak up the beach.

Republic of Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most traditional destinations for a honeymoon. Islands with rich undersea, endless beaches, completely limpid water, coral reef, and thatched bungalows — all those things make the Maldives a perfect place for dreamers. Here you can enjoy spa treatments and massages at an easy pace, as well as go snorkeling or scuba diving. Free and easy atmosphere, the opportunity to have the legs of the world, and the perfect blueness of the Indian Ocean — exactly those issues make the Maldives a popular resort among newlyweds.

Dominican Republic

The island, which has preserved the pristine beauty and purity of nature, has a corner in the hearts of hundreds of tourists. Waterfalls, rivers, streams, and the Caribbean Sea coincide with branchy hiking trails and the best beaches for water sports. All-out relaxation, jungle walks, and the opportunity to watch whales — the Dominican Republic can take your breath away..


An archipelago of 300 islands is a place for those who love adventures and wildlife. Islands have sun-drenched beaches, turquoise lagoons, white soft sands, lush rainforests, and pristine coral reefs. Apart from the pleasure of isolated beaches and five-star resorts, you can travel through abandoned villages, where you will get acquainted with the rich culture of the island and discover the historic side of Fiji. What's more, there is a place for divers and surfers.

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