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How to Choose a Headdress

The headdress is able to embellish the bride's outfit, emphasize her beauty and fashion sense. Bridal veiling, a headband, hat, or chaplet — to make it easier for you we have prepared a list of 5 items that should be taken into account.

A Wedding Dress

You need to bear in mind the fit, color, and texture of the dress, as well as the decorative fixtures with which the gown is decorated — beads, sequins, pearls, crystals, or 3D flowers. A silhouette of the dress is equally important — it is either a dress with sleeves or without, with a deep neckline or a deep cut at the back, etc.

For example, a shiny headband or a veil embroidered with crystals will suit a dress that is decorated with beads and sequins. An elegant hat or a spectacular mesh veil will go well with a minimalist dress.


The headdress should match the hairstyle and make-up and do not overload an outfit. Loose hair will look stylish with a headband with extensional elements or crystals, and a lank set will look great with feathers or mesh accessories.

A Place of the Wedding Ceremony

A general theme of the wedding can also help with the choice of headdress. The accessory should match the mood of the celebration: if it is a splendid party in a luxurious hall — choose an equally spectacular hat or headband. But if it is a small chamber party, choose an elegant and tender headdress.

Personal Comfort

A hat, headband, or veil shouldn't cause you physical discomfort. A headdress that fits too tightly or falls down of your head is not the best choice. In addition, it shouldn't visually deform your face or head. The headdress should be solid, well-worked, should keep its fit and there should be no glue or loose threads.

A General Image

Remember that a headdress should be a part of a complete and perfect outfit. The dress, shoes, jewelry, hairstyle, make-up, place of celebration, decor, and the headdress itself should coincide and create a total look. After all, the main task of any accessory is to emphasize the natural beauty of the bride and fit into the overall picture.

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