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A Wedding Dress Neckline: 7 Most Popular Types

A Wedding Dress Neckline

If you have already chosen a silhouette of a wedding dress, we recommend you pay attention to the neckline’s shape. A neckline is a detail that helps to make the figure balanced, it accentuates good points and hides the figure's flaws. We have prepared you a guide of 7 basic wedding dresses necklines.

A V-shaped Neckline

The V-shaped neckline is one of the most popular. It is universal and suitable for women with different kinds of figures or face types. It elongates the neck and makes it more delicate. The neckline visually pulls the silhouette, makes waists narrower, and balances wide shoulders. It has different depths, so it befits both girls with small or voluptuous breasts.

A High Neck

The high neck completely covers the shoulders, collarbones, and chest. It is good for girls with thin necks and narrow shoulders. It visually enlarges the breasts. Brides with round faces are advised to choose a dress with another type of neckline because this one makes the neck even shorter and the face — more rounded.

A U-shaped Neckline

This neckline resembles an inverted arch and might have different depths. It is suitable for the majority of brides and sets off voluptuous breasts. The neckline visually shortens a long face and elongates the neck, so if you have a round face — the U-shaped neckline will be a bad match.

A Sweetheart Neckline

«Сердечко» — это вырез с двумя изогнутыми линиями над бюстом. Элегантно подчеркивает грудь и линию ключиц. Подходит невестам любого типа телосложения, так как зрительно увеличивает грудь, удлиняет шею и вытягивает силуэт. Свадебные платья с таким вырезом могут быть дополнены бретелями.

A Square Neckline

This clean-cut and austere neckline has different heights and widths. The main feature is that it visually elongates the neck and makes narrow shoulders wider. It is a perfect choice for brides with a round face, but girls with big shoulders and square faces should choose something else.

A Boat Neckline

A boat neckline is a wide high cut from shoulder to shoulder. It bares the upper part of the shoulders but covers the collarbones. It is a winning line for brides with wide hips because the neckline visually makes shoulders wider and the silhouette — proportional.

An Off-Shoulder

The neckline fully uncovers the collarbones and shoulders in a straight line or at a wide angle. The off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for almost all body types. Due to the bare shoulders, it will be a good choice for brides with ample hips.

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