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The Body Type and the Wedding Dress: Tips from LuceSposa

wedding dress by figure type

When you choose a wedding dress, take into account your body type, because a proper silhouette will emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide its tiny imperfections. There are 5 main types: Hourglass, Triangle/Pear, Rounded/Apple, Rectangle, and Inverted Triangle. Which dress is better for this or that type — read below.

The Hourglass Type

It is the most balanced and harmonious body type. A narrow waistline and the same width of the chest and hips are the main features. As a result, almost any wedding dress will suit the bride with this body type. We recommend choosing a fitted or straight-cut gown, which will emphasize a sophisticated waistline and fragile collarbones. However, you need to avoid ruffles and lace abundance.

The Triangle or Pear Type

Narrow shoulders and wide hips are significant characteristics of this body type. To improve the silhouette and make it more balanced, you need to make the hips optically narrower and add volume to the chest. A-line dress with inserts at the waist or with horizontal elements will help with it. Dress with a boat neckline or puffed sleeves will also make the upper part of the body wider. However, you need to avoid mermaid gowns and lush skirts, because they will visually make the hips even bigger.

The Rounded or Apple Type

Wide rounded hips, lush breasts, and slim legs are the key characteristics of this type. To emphasize the seductive body curves, we recommend you choose a dress with a V-shaped neckline, high waistline, thick corset, or lush skirt. You need to avoid horizontal patterns and lines, drapery, and shiny fabrics — all these things will make you look fuller. An Empire-style dress is your perfect choice.

The Rectangle Type

This athletic body type is characterized by the absence of strict curves. The chest depth, waist measurement, and hip-width are the same. To create a tender silhouette, you should choose an A-line dress or a traditional lush gown. Pay attention to the dress with a clear-cut waistline, lush skirt, or a vividly decorated neckline. We don’t recommend choosing a mermaid or a straight-cut gown or a dress with padded shoulders.

The Inverted Triangle Type

Massive broad shoulders, narrow hips, and long slim legs are the main features of this body type. As a result, it is necessary to shift the emphasis to the hips to balance the silhouette and make the shoulders more delicate. You can choose a dress with a lush skirt, a V-shaped neckline, a clear-cut waistline, a cut at the back, or a vent. However, you need to avoid off-the-shoulder gowns, lush sleeves, and dresses with a largely decorated neckline.

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