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Wedding Invitation: 5 Ideas from LuceSposa

A wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding and gives your guests the first look at what your celebration will look like. From bold color choices to minimalist decor, we go over the most popular invitation designs.


Vellum is the perfect material to overlay or wrap your wedding invitation. You can pick any design you want to show underneath your wedding invitation — from floral or watercolor patterns to a particular illustration. It will look great with wax seals, ribbons, and any type of envelopes. 

Geometric Shapes

If you want to make an unusual, stylish and trendy invitation, geometric experiments are just perfect for you. Playing with colors, patterns, shapes, and designs will make your invitations personalized and eye-catching.

Acrylic Invitations

This simple and clear material looks chic and sophisticated for a modern and minimalist wedding. You can easily personalize it by painting flowers, and lines or only leaving important information. Acrylic wedding invitations are timeless and always look splendid.

Laser Cut Design

Laser-cut design is a great option for a royal wedding. Exquisite and magnificent, they set the tone for the wedding from the first seconds. This design looks great both in pastel and vivid colors.

Minimalist Style

Simple and laconic wedding invites are far from boring. They have strict shapes, clean type, thoughtful design and contain only important information. Together with a monochrome palette, such invitations look fresh and modern. Perfect for an elegant chamber party or a small celebration at a restaurant.


Leather as an alternative to paper is quite an easy way to make your invitation unique. It looks bold, stylish, and extraordinary.