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Wedding dresses with detachable details by LuceSposa

A lace dress embroidered with beads or a laconic look that is made of smooth fabric can be embellished with the help of detachable accessories. What's more, it allows you to experiment with the outfit and transform it without taking off the dress. What to wear to embellish your wedding look — read below.


A cape is a long wrap with cuts for the arms that originates from the Middle Ages. A cape will perfectly complement both a splendid and a closed dress and add pomposity to the wedding outfit. There are two types of capes — sewn onto a dress and like a wrap. The cape that is sewn onto a gown is a part of the look, that elegantly falls from the shoulders and outlines the silhouette. A wrap is fastened on the chest or the waistline and even can replace a veil.


Bolero is a stylish detail that became popular after Kate Middleton's wedding. The Duchess chose an outfit with a bolero-like lace top, which made it extremely popular. The bolero usually has a middle length, covers the arms and shoulders, and slightly opens the décolleté. It is made of lace or thin translucent fabric and is embroidered with pearls, beads, and stones. Perfect for the official part of the wedding ceremony.

Translucent wraps


Airy and romantic, they will add lightness and sophistication to your wedding look. Translucent glitter fabric or a wrap with lace inserts, that remind the elements of the wedding dress, will make the outfit multi-layered and extravagant.

Bows, removable sleeves, and trains

Stylish wraps embroidered with pearls, a spectacular bow, or a long train — these details allow you to change several looks without changing the dress. For example, a wide train or puffed sleeves can be worn at a solemn wedding ceremony and then can be taken off, so you will get a new outfit for dancing. Comfortable, fabulous, and functional.