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Choosing Bridesmaid Dress: 6 Main Tips

There is no doubt that bridesmaids’ dress shopping is quite a challenging process. The first reason is that you are dealing with different budgets, body types, and style preferences. Secondly, your vision of the bridesmaids' dresses might differ from the bride's. However, everything can be easier with our tips below. Read and enjoy. .

Start Shopping Beforehand

It is better to start looking for dresses at least 7-8 months before the wedding. It is less stressful for everybody, there is a possibility to hit a sale or get dresses delivered without delays or any last-minute rushes.

Try an Online Research

To start with, you can find different options online. It is easy and fun to do the research at home, and later make an appointment at the salon. Moreover, it greatly saves time.

Know Your Measurements

Each designer sizes differently, so it's important that each bridesmaid provides correct measurements. While many boutiques might have their sales staff measure bridesmaids, they are still not seamstresses. So it's very important to have professionally taken measurements by a seamstress before the dress fitting and choosing.

Follow the Bride's Lead

If the bride asks you to pick the gown you like or to help find some inspiration, talk with her, ask some questions and know more about her preferences. Does she like chiffon or satin? Is there a length or cut that she prefers? Discuss everything all together and there will be no doubt that you will find a perfect gown.

Give a Feedback

If you aren't sure about the dress that is chosen for you, find a way to vocalize what you don't like. For example, tell the bride that you don't feel comfortable with a color, the depth of the neckline, or a cut. If you can explain what you don't like, it will be easier to fix the situation together.

Wear the Right Undergarments and Bring Accessories

If you plan a dress fitting, take care and wear nude underwear. It will allow you to try on any color or neckline and you won't be distracted by bright bottoms or a lacy bra that sticks out in all the wrong places. When it comes to shoes and accessories, bring several options to see how the dress will look when you will finish the look.