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How to Choose the Dream Dress: 10 Tips from LuceSposa

Finding your dream gown can be stressful. A type of gown, its fabric, cut and details — every bride can easily get confused. That's why we have prepared for you 10 working tips that help you to find the very same dress. Read, keep in mind and choose your dream gown.

Do Research to Find What You Like

Look through magazines and online bridal boutiques, explore Pinterest, and check out celebrities' bridal looks. It will help you to compile a visual file of your favorite dresses. Then find out things that are in common — are all gowns made of lace or embellished with beads? Do they all have open backs? Figure those things out and bring your ideas to your first appointment.

Rely On Bridal Consultants

It's a common thing that bridal consultants see women with one idea of a bridal look, then brides try it on and it doesn't work. And in the end — they fall for something completely different they would have never considered. So be open to new ideas, because your dream dress might be the dress that you didn't consider.

Shop True to Your Size

Even if you plan to lose weight before the big day, buy a dress in your current size. It’s much easier to cut the dress than work with one that is too snug.

Figure Out Your Budget

Before your first appointment, figure out who is paying for the gown (your parents, your fiance, or you) and the amount of money that you will spend on the dress. Moreover, take into account that you might have additional costs — accessories (veil, jewelry, and shoes), and cleaning and preserving the gown after the wedding (if you want to save it to remember).

Know Your Wedding Theme Beforehand

It is important to decide whether you want a small chamber party or a formal classical wedding. Keep it in mind to match your dress with a general wedding idea.

Wear Proper Underwear

It is better to prepare and wear nude underwear for your fitting. You will see how the dress really looks on you and you won't be distracted by pink bra straps or lace bottoms.

Take Heels with You

Some bridal salons have communal high heels that you can wear during the fitting, but the height of the heel might be rather different. So it's better to bring heels of the same height you think you will wear for your big day. So you will know for sure how the dress looks.

Know About Timing

It takes some time to produce and deliver the dress, and once it arrives, you still have to work on accessorizing. So don't delay and treat it responsibly.

Choose Your Shopping Crew Wisely

We don't recommend bringing your mom, sister, mother-in-law, and six bridesmaids to the fitting. Their opinions may be divided, so it will make everything quite complicated. It is better to barrow the group down to the two or three people whose opinions matter most to you.

Stay True to Yourself

It is important to listen to the opinion of your friends and relatives, but you need to choose the gown that you truly like and what feels like your dream dress, despite the expectations of other people.

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