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Wedding Dress Fabric Guide

There's a lot to consider when you pick the very same wedding dress. Its fabric is one of the crucial points. To make it clear and help you to get an understanding of fabric issues — we have made a small guide. Read and use.


Lace is undoubtedly considered to be the most popular fabric. It is extremely diverse in patterns, textures, weights, and embellishments. Lace is delicate, feminine, and romantic and works well for every body type. Woven from silk or cotton, it is often used as an overlay or detail that adds a vibe. Its distinct versatility and beauty make lace a timeless fabric.


Mikado is a heavier type of silk with a shiny finish that has gained immense popularity. Its thickness is great for architectural and sophisticated designs.


Satin is a choice of many brides due to its shiny texture. It is heavy, smooth, and durable. Luxurious and exquisite, satin is perfect both for minimalist and splendid designs


Chiffon is one of the lightest fabrics. It is often used as an overlay or as a special detail because of its sheer and transparent characteristics. Its light and airy structure make chiffon a great option for brides that are looking for a tender and delicate wedding look.


This fabric is made of soft silk or lightweight rayon. Crepe has a thin and crinkled texture that makes it perfect to highlight curves or put an emphasis on minimalist designs. Mostly it is used for mermaid and A-line dresses.


One of the most expensive fabrics, silk is not only timeless but versatile. Spun into thread and woven into cloth, silk is distinguished by its muted shine. It has different textures and styles, and suites for all seasons.


Mesh has a sheer, gauzy texture that reminds netting. It is delicate and airy but can be ruched to add structure. It comes in different weights and levels of stiffness.

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