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The Most Popular Wedding Styles and Dresses from the What is Love Collection

Wedding style is the basis of all preparation. It is so tremulous and a little bit confusing to set the tone and create an atmosphere that fully describes your vision of a perfect wedding. Moreover, it is an important task to choose the dress that will emphasize your individuality and match the vibe. That's why we have prepared a small guide on the most popular wedding styles and selected dresses from our latest collection that will fit into the general idea. Read and get inspired.

Classic Wedding

A wedding in a classic style is all about chic, luxurious decor and lots of flowers. It is the embodiment of every girl's dream of a perfect wedding. Pastel colors, flawless white tablecloths, and thoughtfulness in every detail are the main characteristics of the style. If you are in love with it, we recommend you pay attention to Chloe, Luciana, and Laura dresses. Their exquisite silhouettes, perfect embroidery, deep necklines, luxurious trains, and sparklers will perfectly fit into the concept of the celebration.


This style is about smooth lines and shapes, monochrome, natural materials, and a lack of bright accents. Elegance, intimacy, and modesty are the basis of a wedding in a minimalist style. If you want to share this day only with loved ones — this style is just for you. Dresses such as Elodie, Yara, and Alba perfectly match the vibe of a minimalist wedding. These gowns are made of smooth and dense fabric and embellished with spectacular details, so they will be a perfect choice for brides who are looking for simple and stylish outfits.

Romantic Style

A wedding in a romantic style is the embodiment of tenderness, dreaminess, and fragility. The main characteristics of the style are pastel colors, lace, ceramics, and a huge amount of roses. All these details add lightness and playfulness to the wedding. If this aesthetic is close to you, we advise you to pay attention to the Amelia, Rosie, and Ingrid dresses. Lush sleeves, the beauty of lace, and three-dimensional flowers will perfectly match the romantic vibe.

Boho Style

Boho is an ode to nature, a mix of textures and natural materials. Key elements are vivid plaids and rugs, wildflowers, macramé, feathers, vintage vases, and decorative elements. A garden, a forest, or an adjacent territory are traditional places for the wedding ceremony. For a boho wedding, pay attention to Blossom, Isa, and Manuela dresses. Lace elements, lush sleeves, three-dimensional flowers, and drapery will perfectly fit the aesthetic.