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6 Cool Wedding Entertainment Ideas

It is always hard to decide which kind of entertainment to include because all your guests are different and they are used to spending leisure in quite different ways. One might like dancing all night long, while others are not keen on dancing. That’s why it is a good idea to plan a few alternative ways to have fun on your big day. So we decided to pick some options that you might choose for your wedding. Read, enjoy and save ideas.

Ask Your Guest Tell Their Version of Your Love Story

It is a cool idea to give guests an opportunity to write their versions of your love story/ Undoubtedly you will laugh for hours when you read them through. Prepare several templates and place them on every reception table alongside a jar of pens, and encourage guests to fill them.

Make a Flower Bar

If you are going to have a flower crown or flowers that are a crucial part of your wedding, and want to allow your guests to make a familiar crown or a small bouquet — set up a station where they can easily make it on their own.

Set Up a Fortune-Telling Tent

It is a cool option for horoscope lovers. Give your guests a chance to look into the future of their life with a soothsayer at the reception. If guests have important questions, why shouldn’t they ask them at a friend’s wedding.

Make a Video Guest Book

As a replacement for traditional handwritten messages, you can ask your guests to make funny video messages. Wishes, jokes, or even dances — such videos will give you and your guests unforgettable impressions.

Put a Jenga Set in the Lounge

You can place this classic game in your cocktail lounge, and it will be a fun way for guests who aren't into dancing or those who just need a break from it. Moreover, you can leave a few permanent markers by the set and encourage folks to sign them.

Ask Live Painter

Place the artist somewhere where he can see the whole setting but isn't so far removed that guests can't easily amble over and observe. As a result, you will get spectacular pieces of art from your wedding and the guests will be excited to watch him as he works.