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6 Questions to Ask at the Bridal Appointment

Choosing the wedding dress is the most exciting and emotional experience ever. The process includes a lot — from choosing the silhouette and the cut to the selection of the accessories, shoes, veil, make-up, and hairstyle.

When you have already chosen the bridal salon, in order to take everything into account and find that very dress, don’t be shy to ask some questions at the bridal appointment. Here are 6 popular questions that might help you with bridal shopping.

Ask About the Turnaround Time of the Dress

This question is very important because the creation of some gowns might even take several months. So don't forget to ask about it before making your final purchase. Like any other bride, you never want to get your dress too close to the wedding date or even after it. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to plan other details, because the wedding look isn't about the dress. It's also about shoes, veils, jewelry, etc.

Ask About the Availability of Different Shades

There are wedding gowns that come in more than just one universal shade. Moreover, those shades of white might look different depending on your skin type.

Ask About Veils for the Dress

When you have chosen the dress you want to buy, the next step is a bridal veil. To make everything simpler for you, ask the stylist for their opinion and ideas about the veil. They definitely have something special and it might be very helpful if you don't know the type of veil you want.

Ask About Customization Options

Many bridal gowns can be customized in several ways. For example, you can mix and match sleeves or wraps, or switch up the straps. As a result, you will get several looks in one, so don't be shy to figure everything out or add something special on your own.

Ask About Storing Peculiarities

A wedding dress is a delicate garment and shouldn't be stored in the closet until the big day. So remember to ask the stylist how you should store it after the purchase. It might depend on the fabric, its color, the number of sparkles, ruffles, or any additional details. Some gowns can be hung up while others should be laid flat. All these things should be considered to keep your dream dress in the best shape possible.

Ask About the Possibility of the Return

A wedding dress is an expensive thing that is fitted to your figure, so you can't just return it if you find something you like more. But you can always ask if the salon will provide a refund or offer some kind of exchange. Anyway, it's better to know all your options before making a purchase.

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