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Cheap wholesale wedding dresses

The "LuceSposa" company every year presents its customers a new collection of wedding dresses.

For many years our company has been producing and selling wedding dresses for wholesale clients from many countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Hungary and other countries. 


What kinds of trends of fashion will come to us?

According to points of many world designers and due to latest data from the greatest fashion shows, in the next season we will get following trends of fashion:

  • First of all, delicate kinds of wedding dresses will be very popular. Using of different kinds of lace gives to each dress special chic and luxury, which is very fashionable in current season. In this year it will be rather fashionable too.
  • Short wedding dresses will be popular too. During several seasons this kind of bridal dresses was not pointed by world designers and experts as something special and even nobody could not think that this dress expresses bridal braveness and specialness. So, nowadays these dresses have already taken their own place in wedding fashion and they have become as regular as fluffy, Greek wedding dresses and bridal dresses of “Mermaid” style, which are presented among models of world wedding fashion designers. In the new season short wedding dresses will be popular too.
  • Transformer wedding dresses and wedding crop tops with long skirts will be attractive for many brides. These      special variants of bridal dress will be suitable for the brides with a special taste.
  • In addition, wedding dresses with long sleeves and opened back will be offered on wedding markets. These dresses will make each bride attractive, sexual and shy in the same time.

How do we create our collections of wedding dresses?

Our designers try to follow to world trends of wedding fashion, but they always give something fresh and original from them to each wedding dress. In spite of the fact that all wedding collectionas are really great, designers make each dress very special. We add some contrast elements to some models of our wedding collection like colorful ribbons and belts. Some dresses get semitransparent capes on shoulders.

Do you want to buy our designer's wedding dress, but you don’t want to make a wholesale order? Notice that cheap wedding dresses in bulk can be available for you in case of making order at least of two different or the same wedding dress models with sizes from 42 to 56. Hence, you will be able to buy two different dresses for you and for your friend, sister or someone else with the most profitable prices. It will be really beneficial for you!


For our wholesale buyers

As for regular clients and for new ones, we recommend to make the wholesale purchase of inexpensive wedding dresses by our manufacturer. It will give you opportunity to be in time till the start of the new season of weddings to fill in the assortment with new wedding dresses of your personal wedding salon, store or even retail e-shop, where you sell different kinds of festive dresses. If you have a desire to make a wholesale purchase of cheap wedding dresses, you have not to go anywhere, because you have an opportunity to order your production on our wholesale e-shop. 

Successful business and pleasant cooperation with us to you!

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