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Ukrainian designers of wedding dresses

For already several centuries it is considered that the bride should be in a white wedding dress, but if looking deeper into the history of the wedding fashion, it becomes clear that not always wedding dresses were snow-white.

Depending on nationality, era and traditions, the bride got married in a variety of shades of wedding dresses.

Inspirational collection of colorful outfits for brides from Ukrainian designers 

Perhaps that's why Ukrainian designers of wedding dresses use fabrics of different colors to create their masterpieces. And this is fine, because white does not suite many girls and they have to deal with it using  certain accessories and jewelry. Now it is already not necessary to do it, because on the show-windows of modern boutiques you can see magnificent outfits, both of pastel shades and bright ones:

  • romantic pink for modest, gentle personalities who wish to look special in a registry office and walking among other brides, but are not yet ready for drastic changes;

  • soft blue, symbolizing spring freshness, lightness. This outfit seems chilly, that's why it's the perfect color for a summer wedding dress;

  • magnificent gold, giving majesty to the image, interesting for ladies who want to emphasize their individuality and exquisite taste;

  • gentle peach giving an image of mystery and appealingness to the bride;

  • delicate cream is ideal to emphasize the femininity and tenderness of the noble nature of a modern bride.

For girls who are not afraid to shock the society, fashion designers suggest paying attention to blue, red and green, and even black wedding dresses. In short, wedding dresses from Ukrainian designers are created of all the rainbow colors, so the bride with any color, taste and desires will be able to pick up her perfect outfit. 

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