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Interesting ideas for wedding celebration in autumn

Autumn is the best season of the year for the excellent wedding celebration. Everybody has a chance to celebrate a wedding in the period of gold autumn, which will connect lovers into the lasting alliance.

Surprised wedding designers and decorators have founded a new style of celebration called “wood wedding”, which is very suitable for this period. It differs from another popular style of wedding celebrations called “rustic”. For creating a “wood wedding” style, you have to choose many wooden elements, which will be used for wedding hall decoration. Wooden elements should be used in the style of banquet tables and photo frames. 

Cozy and small restaurant outside the city will be the most suitable for organization of “wood wedding” celebration. A grass-plot with forest flowers near the restaurant will be the best decoration of the wedding. A décor of such kind of restaurants is the best suits for stylish celebration. Wooden and warm walls, which have taken village charm are creating calm and friendly atmosphere. Views and sounds of surrounding nature will take all cares and emotional experiences. Therefore, wedding ceremony will last calm and peaceful. 

It is very easy to create a hanging composition for the “wood wedding”. You can collect thin and long wooden branches and attach them to the celling with decorating by the lights of yellow color. You can also add leaves of fern and cuttings of ivy. Please, combine the elements of hanging décor with decorations on the tables. It will be a good idea to use not big logs that are half cut. Please, cut out special holes on the tops of logs for candles and throw petals of roses around the tables. If you will use many tables for banquet, use in the center of each one wooden stands with forest barriers, flowers and plants. Wooden branches of different length can hold name cards of every guest. 

Wooden boards for wishes, instead of guests’ book; pine cones, moss and green forest plans instead of traditional flowers; small jars with jam as memorable wedding present for guests instead of sweetness from bride and groom are the small part of elements of “wood wedding”. Don’t’ limit your imagination and create an atmosphere, which will be close to real nature. The impressions of this celebration will be left in the memory of each guest, who will come to celebrate your wedding party with you.

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