Charming subtlety


Evening dresses collection for mothers and daughters called “Charming Subtlety”

During all times a dress was one of the most general decorations of each woman and each small girl too. Nowadays, an interesting situation appeared in modern world fashion. A new style called Family look becomes more and more famous and it interests many women from all over the world. This style presents the same dresses for mother and her daughter. Some time ago these dresses had to be ordered in atelier by special order, but nowadays it is not a problem to buy the same evening dresses for mother and her daughter in Ukraine. Designers of LuceSposa Company work hard for creating of gorgeous dresses of this style, which will help to feel mother and her daughter brilliantly in the same stylish evening dresses. Only uninformed person will say that manufacturing of these evening dresses is not so difficult. One of the most general tasks of evening dresses producer is to choose the best kind of materials and think about good cuts, which will make dresses comfortable and suitable for adult woman and small girl at the same time. LuceSposa Company makes this task brilliantly. Please, look through our catalogue, where you will be able to see fantastic evening dresses for mother and her daughter, which can be ordered in Russia with the most profitable prices.

Harmonious families with new Family look style of evening dresses

In Russia clothes of Family look style started to be produced not long time ago. However, this style became popular in America in 1920s. In that time local government decided to regenerate family values and similar evening dresses for mother and her daughter became one of elements of this renovation program.

If the information, which will tell you, where you can buy similar evening dresses for mothers and daughters, is interesting for you, please log on to the official website of LuceSposa Company. On this website you will be able to choose the most suitable models of evening dresses for your salon or store. You can no doubt that a style of Family look will be loved by many clients of your boutique. All daughters try to copy their beautiful mothers, so they will be satisfied of the similar stylish dresses. Buy similar evening dresses for mothers and daughters in Ukraine and it will be a good opportunity to satisfy desires of small girls. Mother and daughter in similar dresses will cheer up all surrounding people.

When do similar dresses can be used?

For what kind of events, ladies can use similar evening dresses? There are a million of different variants. First of all, everything depends on a style of dresses and place, where mother and daughter will go to. It can be a photoset, wedding of mother’s friends, simple walk in park and other different kinds of festive events, where each mother can go with her beautiful small princess. 

A general task of festive women’s clothes owners is to fill up an assortment of evening dresses, which were produced with Family look style with different interesting dresses cuts. Each customer has an opportunity to buy these goods in the official e-shop of LuceSposa Company.

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