Moneglia delight


Luxury and exquisite wedding dresses in the collection Moneglia Delight

This is exactly the kind of luxury designer wedding gowns available in the new collection of the LuceSposa company.

Our designers created the remarkable assortment of delightful wedding dresses the bright decor and delicate silhouettes of which play the important role in forming the image.  

Exquisite outfits fascinating the imagination

The collection Moneglia Delight is the delicacy, classics and modesty. While creating these wonderful attires, designers paid attention to the fashionable and topical trends of this year; therefore they managed to create exquisite models.

Every bride will be able to choose her perfect gown emphasizing the personality and bestowing the glamour. 

The range of Moneglia Delight gowns:

• Luxurious lush outfits with the descending skirt and without corset.

• Well-fitting dresses for audacious brides emphasizing the merits of their magnificent shape.

• The audacious A-line or "Mermaid" silhouette with unusual decollates, corsets, and decor.

• Delicate and exquisite models, in which special attention is paid to the lace and other decor elements.

• Unusual styles that allow brides to create the audacious, stylish, and exquisite image.

• Classic dresses, decorated by elegant folds, laces, and delicate embroidery.

The cut of the dresses is very interesting and unusual. These models impress with their designs therefore bestow the luxury to the bride’s image. To create the collection, our designers monitored all trends of this season, used high-quality fabrics, and the most delicate lace.

In our collection there are gowns of delicate white color, sensual pastel, magnificent ivory, and luxurious silver.

Best dresses at the reasonable prices

Our salon offers to purchase wedding dresses which the brides will definitely find interesting on wholesale. We located in Ukraine, but we are the major supplier of wedding dresses to other countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, America, Australia. Dresses of LuceSposa brand are demanded by the ladies from Europe and CIS countries.

You can assess the range of products in our catalog. Order the best collections at reasonable prices, buy the perfect dresses. We guarantee the high-quality of our products, which will cause admiration for every bride.

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