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How to Style Wedding Dresses from The Catwalk Collection

This collection is about a combination of classic and modern trends, clear lines, rich trimming, elegance, and femininity. About style, comfort, and individuality. Here you can find both minimalistic structured gowns and fabulous outfits with magnificent trimming. How to style those dresses, considering their cut and design — read below.

Minimalist dresses

Decent, elegant, and laconic, such gowns are chosen by minimalism lovers. Those dresses are mostly made of smooth fabrics, they are embellished with a splendid neckline, high cut, or complemented by a train. They will fit perfectly into the classic wedding aesthetics. The minimalist design allows you to style the bridal outfit in various manners — you can wear a spectacular hat, laconic shoes, and chic clutch, or choose eye-catching open-toe shoes with pearls, magnificent jewelry, and a handbag.

Lush dresses

Lace dresses with a lush skirt, long train, and off-shoulder sleeves or gowns that are embroidered with beads, sequins, and crystals are self-sufficient outfits by far. That’s why you shouldn’t choose splendid accessories, because the bridal outfit might look stodgy. Spectacular trimming, a mix of fabrics and materials should be highlighted with decent details. We recommend choosing minimalist shoes, laconic hats, and handbags. In addition, it is better to choose elegant stud earrings, thin bracelets, and rings than pompous jewelry.

Fitted dresses

Fitted dresses emphasize the bride's figure and make the bridal outfit feminine and delicate. When you style your look, you need to consider the gown's features. If a dress is made of smooth fabric and unleavened with decor, you can choose exceptional shoes, handbags, and hats, or the other way around — create an elegant and minimalist look. If it is a lace dress or a gown that is embroidered with crystals, we advise you to choose more laconic accessories.

Transformer dresses

Dresses with additional removable elements are perfect for girls who want to change several looks for the evening without changing clothes. Those elements are a translucent cape, a shiny bolero, a removable long train, and a cape or sleeves that are embroidered with crystals. So when you style your bridal outfit, pay attention both to the dress’s cut and decor and to the removable items. Choose shoes, jewelry, and hats that will have something in common with the items and the gown itself.

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