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Fashion trends, the uniqueness of women and their appearance, a variety of fabrics and cut – all this always inspires the chief designer of the LuceSposa brand Elena to create unique outfits that will help their owners emphasize their beauty and feel truly beautiful.

Creating wedding dresses, the designer always focuses on the modern image of the bride: confident, but at the same time gentle and feminine. Each collection of the LuceSposa brand is created in a unique mood and design so that every girl can find not just a beautiful, but "the very dress" she dreamed of.

All Elena's designs are embodied with the help of LuceSposa atelier in Ukraine, where many specialists help to turn her ideas into reality, complementing and improving them.


LuceSposa is a second-generation family business with a huge team of carefully selected talented employees who help us win the hearts of brides every day, who appreciate uniqueness and refinement in every detail.

Hundreds of unique dress models for bold, stylish and delicate brides. This is what we have been helping girls with for many years – creation of perfect images for the most important events in their lives. From conservative dresses with a minimalistic design to bold combinations of materials, cut and decor – among this variety, every bride-to-be will find something special.


We are putting all our efforts into the happiness of girls who choose dresses by LuceSposa. It is very important for us to help them realize all their dreams and make their choices pleasant. Our main inspiration is a sincere smile on the face of those who chose the image by LuceSposa.


Our brand is constantly searching for new modern solutions and ideas in order to keep up with the times and follow modern fashion trends, as well as to form our own. Only the best materials and modern equipment are used in the production of dresses, so that every detail looks excellent. Our employees constantly take various courses and improve their skills, so that every day they perform their work better.

Plunge into the world of unique designer dresses by LuceSposa!

We are always open to new acquaintances and thanks to this we have created our big network of cooperation around the world. One of the main keys to success of our brand is convenient order conditions and satisfied customers.

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