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“LuceSposa” develops international network of our brand. Key points of our business are high quality production and perfect service. We carefully hand-select boutiques all over the world, that share common ideas. If you are interested in doing business or have any questions, please contact us on.
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The manufacturer of festive dresses «LuceSposa» is pleased to invite to the cooperation buyers who have their own business in the wedding industry, namely in the field of sale of wedding, evening dresses and various accessories. We always try to offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation, namely convenient for the buyer payment system, the organization of the necessary delivery and efficiency in orders.

Required information for wholesale buyers


As we put ourselves as a wholesale manufacturer, the minimum number of wedding and evening dresses in one order should be at least 3 pieces. If you are interested in retail buying, you should contact us individually (all the contact information you can find in the section "Contacts" on our website).

Order execution begins immediately after we receipt the payment.

Remember and keep in mind the fact that the manufacturing period of the order of wedding and evening dresses – is 30-40 days from the date of receipt the payment. We don’t work on weekends and holidays.


Payment and delivery


Our company provides two main methods of payments:

✓ First. 100% advance payment. Immediately after the finishing the entire order, it will be sent to you by the previously agreed delivery method. You will need to pay only for the services of the transport company.

✓ Second. 50% prepayment. We begin to process order, after receiving the first part of payment. When order is ready, we will contact you. After receiving the remaining 50%, we will send your order by the previously agreed delivery method.

The company «LuceSposa» assumes the customs clearance and the provision of all necessary documents. All calculations are carried out in USA dollars. After registration of the application for the order, our manager will contact you within 24 hours. As a consequence, it is provided for the most convenient way of payment and delivery. Remember that the cost of delivery covers the buyer. Sewing is performed in within 30-40 working days. Delivery time is depended on delivery company.

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