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This collection is about a combination of classic and modern trends, clear lines, rich trimming, elegance, and femininity. About style, comfort, and individuality. Here you can find both minimalistic structured gowns and fabulous outfits with magnificent trimming. How to style those dresses, considering their cut and design — read below.

26 April 2022 The Body Type and the Wedding Dress: Tips from LuceSposa

When you choose a wedding dress, take into account your body type, because a proper silhouette will emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide its tiny imperfections. There are 5 main types: Hourglass, Triangle/Pear, Rounded/Apple, Rectangle, and Inverted Triangle. Which dress is better for this or that type — read below.

12 April 2022 Elegant and Minimalist Bridal Outfits: The Catwalk Collection

Clean lines, structured silhouette, and smooth fabric — simplicity, and elegance of wedding outfits are in vogue for several seasons on end. We have chosen nine laconic wedding gowns from our last collection that are going to blow you away.

18 March 2022 A Wedding Dress Neckline: 7 Most Popular Types

If you have already chosen a silhouette of a wedding dress, we recommend you pay attention to the neckline’s shape. A neckline is a detail that helps to make the figure balanced, it accentuates good points and hides the figure's flaws. We have prepared you a guide of 7 basic wedding dresses necklines.

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